Saturday, March 5, 2011

Right now

So today, on twitter I was talking to TA members from overseas, and like, I was thinking it'd be nice to write in both Japanese and English here as much as I can.
I know there are people who do know this and there are people who don't, so I'll tell you just in case, for foreigner fans who don't live in Japan, there are rreeeaaaaalllly alot of barriers keeping them from joining TA.
They all work frantically to clear those barriers, however, and are still able to become TA members.
But still, they finally log in only to see nothing but Japanese language.
For example, when you guys open my twitter page and you're just inundated with all this english... you say "I feel lonely," or "Ayu seems distant," or "I don't understand," I'm sure there are many people who feel like this, right? All feeling the same thing.
For all the foreign TA members, I bet it's like this all the time. Maybe they're feeling sad or irritated or something too.
Of course, happiness comes first, right?☆
Well, I'm not them so I can't be totally sure of course.
But I've lately been in situations where I couldn't use any language but English, so over and over again I sense the importance of language and communication. When I'm in America, my family and friends naturally all speak English. They can't understand more than a little Japanese. If I want to share my thoughts with someone, there are no other choices available to me.
However, as far as my English goes, I didn't study it well in school, so whenever it was necessary, whenever I had a moment of emotion, I couldn't find words that the other person could understand.
Of course it's my own decision, one that I'll be dealing with, to get rid of that problem.☆ But yeah, if I just lied and said I thought it was gonna be a pretty picture, that wouldn't be honest.
So having said all this, I've got the feeling across, in conclusion, Chon-san (<-- been a long time since I called myself that) has put forth the effort to explain, and now she will be working on her English reading and writing in order to communicate with the overseas TA members yo!!
That's what I'm thinking.
They're part of the TA circle, why should they feel alienated???
Japanese TA members work desperately to achieve various things too, in order to stay here. I understand, and I'm thankful for it. There'll never be a day that I forget about it.
To put it another way, ALL of you are the same, you know! (*^_^*)
The language you may find being used at TA may change, but I'm proud of TA, the love I feel for all of you is the same! (*^^*)v
Transcending all else, all TA members all over the world, we are all one family!!
As long as I feel that, I don't need anything else. I'm happy!!!!!!!!!!
Today again, everyone should live with all their strength under the same sky (^_-)-*
And now, from everyone in the overseas team who is now falling asleep, when the moon starts to become visible, we'll pass along the smiles we give to the reassuring sunshine, ne!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

[347] Yesterday,

I don't think I explained enough about the televising of the last day in Yoyogi~

November 30th, on TBS-channel..... it'll be on. Um... wait, what time was it on again? hahahaha

Oh well, everyone can look here on the site to see. XD!!!

Chonchan is SO reliable!!!!

Well I have to be, this is a very serious matter!

We only had 90 minutes of broadcast time to take advantage of, so it can't be the whole complete show uncut.

Although I've recieved messages from some people saying "Please at least show all the songs!", Yoyogi's last day was in total 2 1/2 hours long at least, so leaving the whole show intact is impossible.

But, I was able to give it a perfectly delicious (haha) edit, so please look forward to it~~~~ (^_^)v

And incidentally, Countdown Live will also be airing on TBS-channel, as a live broadcast, everything from my brain, until the very last moment. o/~

So now, thanks to modern convenience, even people who can't make it to Yoyogi can join in the show together with us, helping the show reach new heights with all their hearts, for the full 3 1/2 hours!!!

Every mistake I make with song lyrics & performing & such, all that, you'll see everything in realtime for 3 1/2 hours straight! So no pressure or anything. XD

And now, the talk leaps over to Cardboard Panel Ryoji. lol

Um, you know... there were some people who sent extremely nice messages.

"Ryoji-kun doesn't have a nickname, he should be Paneeji, how's that?"

What a high level~~~~~~!!!!!! I laughed hysterically!!

He's unhampered in various ways (lol) as far as being an example of a cardboard cut-out, so I think there's no nickname better for him than "Paneji".

We're sooooo using it----!!!!

So anyway, I gotta get back to work on the new song...

Nin-chon vanish!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[346] That reminds me...

(Translation: Delirium-Zer0)

I didn't explain something to everyone in a detailed & accurate way, and I noticed this, but it's hard to explain~.

The concert that I most recently finished work on is, at the end of this month (wow that's actually really soon, isn't it?) coming on TV, and it's the last day in Yoyogi.

There was a restriction on how long a show it could be when aired on TV, so it was a very hard fight choosing what songs and what faces would be in it.

Because I wanted to make it the best!!!!

That's how I am every day.

Tomorrow it'll be on, so please look forward to amusements and handkerchief carrying. XD

Well then, this year I'm gonna do Kouhaku~~~


[345] Woooow...

(Translation by: Delirium-Zer0)


The number of blog comments, it's just an incredible amount.

Everyone who considered participating in this great plan, and everyone who approved of it, I truly thank you.

I don't think I was so moved even on my own birthday! (T_T)

Because we are, whether very far away from each other or very close to each other, always profoundly and deeply connected to each other.

People who got a hold of their network so quickly, REALLY thank you so much!!!!!!!!

I wanna join this network of yours too. Let me in! LOL

For the time being, I can say without error...

Team "Ta" is the strongest!! <(`_')>!!!!!!!!!

[344] Congratulations

(Translation: Delirium-Zer0)

Those of you who got the a-nation DVD today, before its actual release, after my cardboard cutout comment, many thanks. (lol)

However, everyone in team "Ta" is very clever.

The meaning of "cardboard cutout", and the people who saw the moment of quickly changing into a cardboard cutout, there were many of you!! clap-clap-clap~*
You watched AUDIENCE alone not less than 10 times, and my inbox was full of comments about it. You did very well, team "Ta"!!!!

But the real release date is tomorrow, so after this there'll be alot more people watching it, and they'll see it and they'll want to solve the cardboard cutout mystery too, I think.

Huh??????? Released tomorrow......

I say this because perhaps, or rather certainly, the release date is also the day Zin was born.


Well then, now comes the most important question.

Starting awhile ago, regarding today, MANY messages from everyone came, with the request that "Team "Ta" needs to wish Zin a happy birthday~~~", and it was very deeply moving.

Of course, I completely agree. (^_-)-*


To Zin's blog, the moment it turns 0:00 midnight, everyone simultaneously send a Happy Birthday message, okay???

Buu~uuut, it'll be midnight in 30 minutes. Just in case there aren't enough members seeing my writing in time, do some networking and tell everyone please~!!!

And from here, everyone will be able to see our indefatigable power of unity!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Alright everyone, be at the ready! Yoroshiku<(`_')>

[343] That's right!!!

(Translation: Delirium-Zer0

Perhaps, was the street date broken for a-nation's release today???

Yes, yes it was.

I happened to say recently that I was able to be a talented cardboard cutout.

"AUDIENCE" especially was perfect, I noticed. (lol)
Please, don't take your eyes off of that one. (ROFL)

Because you can see me quickly change into a cardboard cut-out! Don't miss it!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

[342] Band rehearsal,

Day 3.

After this amount of time the band still hasn't quite reached full maturity, but they're bending over backwards to get there.

Incidentally, yesterday's band rehearsal went until 3 AM (!!), continuing under Shingo-boss' instruction...

And although they are super, top rank musicians, better musicians than I am, they are still practicing very intensively every day, staying up late, past midnight, and I am so grateful that they are doing this, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Starting tomorrow, dance rehearsals are starting at last.

If I keep talking like this here today, my eyes are gonna turn into Benzo-san part 2, I think...

As for me, I'm keeping on with the concert planning!!!!!

I can't wait until I can see all you TA members' wonderful faces! o/~

Jeez, I was crying though, while i was planning the concert. Hahaha.

Ninnnnnjjaaaa vannniiiisssh-cho.